Teeth Whitening

When it comes to achieving a brighter and more radiant smile, Dr. Parmar and the dedicated team at Accurate Family Dental offer a range of cutting-edge dental teeth whitening options. Our practice understands that a dazzling smile can boost your confidence and leave a lasting impression. Whether you're dealing with years of stains and discoloration or simply want to enhance the natural beauty of your teeth, we have the solutions to help you achieve your desired results.

At Accurate Family Dental, our teeth whitening treatments are tailored to your unique needs and preferences. While you have an option of getting an in-office whitening procedures that can deliver immediate results, leaving you with a whiter smile in just one visit, we  prefer the safer home teeth whitening at the patient's own pace. 

I.     GENERAL INFORMATION: Teeth whitening is designed to lighten the color of your teeth. Significant lightening can be achieved in the vast majority of cases, but the results cannot be guaranteed. When done properly the whitening will not harm your teeth or gums. However, like any other treatment, it has some inherent risks and limitations. 

II.    CANDIDATES FOR TEETH WHITENING: Just about anyone is a candidate for teeth whitening. However, people with dark yellow or yellow-brown teeth tend to whiten better than people with gray or bluish-gray teeth. Multi-colored teeth, especially if stained due to tetracycline, do not whiten very well. Teeth with many fillings, cavities, chips, etc., are usually best treated by bonding, porcelain veneers, or porcelain crowns.


A.    ONE-HOUR WHITENING: This process may be done in one visit or may require multiple visits depending on how your teeth respond to the whitening gel. Each appointment takes about one hour. Gum protection is applied, the whitening gel is applied and a special light is used to further enhance the bleach. The advantages of power whitening include our doing all the work for you and in less time than you would spend home bleaching your teeth. The disadvantages include the normal inconveniences of any dental treatment such as having to keep your mouth open for the duration of the appointment and the possibility of increased post whitening teeth sensitivity and increased costs as compared to home whitening.

B.    TAKE-HOME WHITENING: This process, which can be done anywhere and anytime, involves wearing a custom- made bleaching tray (looks like a thin, transparent nightguard) filled with a mild bleaching agent. You must wear the gel-filled tray 1/2-3 hours per day for about two to four weeks. The advantages of home whitening include performing the treatment when it is convenient for you with possibly lower cost. The disadvantage to home bleaching is that the success of the treatment is dependent on your commitment to wearing the whitening tray routinely for the period prescribed.

Bleaching Instructions:

Make sure your teeth are clean: brushed/flossed.

  • Wash/dry trays—use cold water only (hot water will destroy the trays). Apply small amount of bleaching gel into tray—in area of each tooth you would like to bleach.
  • Place tray over teeth, run fingers across tray to make sure gel goes over entire tooth. If any comes out onto your gums wipe it off with a wet q-tip. (Leaving gel on gums will cause irritation.)
  • Use trays for one hour the first day, 2 hours the next day, 3 hours the day after that and so on until you reach you're desired shade. You may develop sensitivity. You do not want to use the trays for long periods of time if you have sensitivity.
  • When you remove the trays rinse your mouth/teeth well to remove all of the bleaching gel. Also clean out your trays, making sure to use cold water only.
  • Reminder: you should not eat or drink with your bleaching trays on, although you can use them at any time of the day many find it convenient to use them after dinner time.

We offer custom-made whitening trays designed for personal use.

Dr. Parmar and our experienced team are committed to ensuring that your teeth whitening experience is safe, effective, and tailored to your individual goals, leaving you with a smile that exudes confidence and vitality.

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