Bonding and White Filling

A bonding is a composite resin that is used as an alternative to amalgams and veneers.  This is an excellent cosmetic option for those patients who do not want the look of silver in their mouths and do not want the expense of veneers.  Bondings can be used on teeth that are decayed, cracked, or stained.


The bonding procedure is usually completed in one visit.  The first step is to remove the decayed or unsightly portion of the tooth.  The tooth is then etched with a liquid or gel and a bonding agent is then applied.  This will allow the composite resin to be placed in the prepared tooth.  The resin is then trimmed and polished, leaving you with a beautifully sculpted, natural-looking restoration.


Ø Less Drilling of your Natural Tooth due to its Bonding ability to the Tooth.

Ø No discoloration of the surrounding/neighbouring tooth or Gums as with silver colored Amalgam.

Ø Confidence that follows with the Great Esthetics we Give you with Durable White Fillings.

Bonding Durability
Although composite resins are cosmetically pleasing and easily placed, their durability is not as strong for very large fillings or major stress bearing areas in the mouth and other types of restorations may need to be considered.  These resins typically last from 4-7 years before they begin to chip and wear away.  When this happens, the restoration will need to be repaired or replaced.

At Accurate Family Dental, Turlock Cosmetic Dentist Dr Parmar focusses on the minute details for lasting Benefits such as:

Ø More Conservative with Less Drilling of your Natural Tooth Structure because of its bonding abilities.

Ø No discoloration of the surrounding/neighbouring tooth or Gums as with silver colored Amalgam.

Ø Great esthetics that we provide with Optimal Shade Matching, Tinting and high gloss polishing.

Ø Layered placement of the White Filling making it more Durable & lasting with less material shrinkage .

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