Teeth Grinding And Its Effect On Your Health

Teeth grinding is clinically referred to as bruxism . Simply defined, it is the act of consciously or unconsciously clenching your teeth either during the day or while you sleep. Bruxism is considered both a medical and a dental problem. This is because it affects both the teeth and all of the structure near it, including the head.

Who suffers from it?

Adults, who's job or way of life involves a lot of stress, are the most likely candidates to be diagnosed with Bruxism, Grinding or Clenching . It mostly affects people during sleep and known to cause Premature teeth wear, Cracking, Breaking, toothache,  headache and jaw pain. Some parents might find it disturbing to hear their child grinding their teeth in their sleep. While it is really not as big of a problem for kids as it is for adults, it is still proper to bring your child to a dentist so that their teeth are checked. Children normally outgrow their teeth grinding habits.

Nearly 80% of Americans suffer from Bruxism and if left undiagnosed or untreated may worsen the symptoms and oral condition. It is a known fact that teeth are made of the hardest material that can be produced by the human body, but  have to be protected from wearing off, cracking and breaking, especially when eating or sleeping.

Night Guard…

Getting a night guard can be a fast, easy and inexpensive solution for people with Bruxism, Grinding or Clenching.

night_guard.png night_guard2.png night_guard.jpg

Other Benefits of using a Night Guard include:

1] Helps to reduce grinding and clenching of teeth, thus protecting them from damage & reduce fractures, premature tooth wear, chipping and loosening of teeth

2] Night guard allows for improved breathing at night, as the air passages are kept open.

3] Headaches, neck and shoulder tension, Tension and stress on jaw muscles and joints can be drastically reduced, thus prolonging their life and reducing or preventing progression of any orthodontic conditions.

4] Getting a night guard helps to attain a better and more comforting night sleep, reduce snoring & allowing the wearer to wake up refreshed and feeling more energetic.

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