Dr. Parmar and his staff are the best dental service I've ever had. They are wonder fully concerned about your dental needs. They are patient and walk you through everything they are doing, constantly stopping to ask if you are still comfortable through the procedure. I really appreciate the glasses they provide patients to wear so they are not blinded by the examination light.

The office is clean, family friendly, and relaxed.

They work with your insurance, only doing certain procedures so you pay less out of pocket and prevent you from going over your limits.

My favorite part is how well they remember you. Dr. Parmar will ask you to share about your hobbies or family and he will remember to ask again about it on your next visit.

I've never felt more taken care of or more comfortable when going to the dentist.

I recommend his services to all my coworkers, friends, and family.

Sarah G.

This dental clinic is great. Very friendly staff and the doctor is awesome. He lets you know exactly what he is doing and always asks if your doing ok.  Just had a root canal today so I know I will be sore but I can't say enough about this place. The staff works well together and even cuts up and jokes with each other creating a very comfortable environment. Well done guys.

Tiffanie O.

Dr. Parmar is by far the best dentist I have ever gone to. His office is extremely clean; his employees are very professional as is he. Dr. Parmar and his team make you feel welcome and comfortable in their office. Dr. Parmar does not only do tremendous dental work, but his demeanor is truly amazing. He is friendly, humble
and explains to each patient what is going on and exactly how he is going to fix it. He puts things in simpler terms for all ears to understand. I don't have dental insurance but I return to him each time because it is always worth every penny to have a healthy and clean dental hygiene. I have recommended him too many of my own friends and family and I would recommend him to anyone else. I am extremely happy when I leave his office each time. Highly recommend him and his office :)

Jermaine M.

This is by far the best dentist office I've ever been too. Dr. Parmar and his staff are very friendly and welcoming. I've been coming here for almost 3 years and I'm very happy I chose this office over the rest.

Dr. Parmar breaks everything down for you and makes sure you understand what's wrong and how he's going to fix it. He treats you like a friend and does everything with precision and won't let you leave until your smile looks perfect. Even the staff at the front desk take the time to know who you are and how your doing. I recently started bring my 2 year old son and he loves it. They make him feel comfortable and things have been great. I've had a great experience here and wouldn't think of taking him elsewhere. So if you’re looking for a dentist, this is the place to come. It's easily the best dentist in the area.

Julio P.

Best dentist in the valley for sure!! I have never felt so at home at an office before, Dr. Parmar was extremely professional and introduced himself and did an incredible job of explaining my dental problems at the time and what action we would be taking next.

This is the only place I would feel comfortable bring my kids and my loved ones. Great Dentist over all!!

Catarina B.
Atwater, CA

Going to the dentist can be a pleasant experience; I know that to be true. I found Accurate Family Dental through my local Yellow Pages when I had a dental issue on a Friday and my regular dentist wasn't available. This was truly a Meant To Be Moment. The entire staff is always friendly, professional and caring each and every time I have an appointment.

I'm a very out-going person and the relationship I have with Dr. Parmar is amazing; he makes me laugh as much as I make him laugh. As I said before visiting the dentist can be a pleasant and fun experience. The appearance of my teeth is so much better thanks to Accurate Family Dental. Strongly and totally recommend this dental practice to anyone. Trust me you'll be proud to show off your smile when the procedure is complete.

Thanks to everyone at Accurate Family Dental for making me Smile.

Foyal. S.

"We have found the office for our Family! As a father and husband that cares for his family and the care that they receive, let me just say that Dr. Parmar and his staff are truly the real deal. We have had a bad experience in the recent past with a big box dental office where it felt like they were only after draining each family members deductible. His honest and gentle nature made the exam process more than pleasant. The kids, well lets just say, they loved his sense of humor and Dr. Parmar treated them with respect and he really communicated with them at a level that they were able to understand everything that was going on. It's a relief to find an honest person with integrity and family values. I did schedule an appointment for a Saturday in the near future and I must say that I am looking forward to it!

Thanks Dr. Parmar!"

Willy D.

Ceres, CA

"My family and I are all very happy to have Dr. Parmar as our dentist. We have been his patients since he opened his office and will continue to go there. Dr. Parmar is a committed and caring dentist. He wants to provide the best dental experience to his patients. After one of my dental procedures, he called me to follow up on how I was doing. He does his best. Dr. Parmar and his staff are all warm and welcoming. It is a special feeling walking in and knowing you will be greeted with a smile. The office is also very clean, organized, and up to date on technology. He shows you what is wrong with your teeth on a screen and has patience to thoroughly explain the dental procedures which are needed and the reason why they need to be done. I would definately recommend him to anyone who wants a honest, friendly, patient, caring and outstanding dentist."

Francelia M.

Livingston, CA

"Keep up the good work.. No words can describe how great this dentist is. He takes his time examining his patients to make sure that they are happy and satisfied with his service. Did I mention that He is truly an artist. The work he did on my teeth transformed my look. also, The office is VERY classy and nice. They play nice music by the way:) IF you want the best in dentistry you got to check out Dr.Parmar. I also love how they are so Friendly and knowledgeable dentist & staff.  It's not easy to find a wonderful dentist who you can trust.  The office is nicely decorated and has brand new state of the art dental equipments.  I feel very comfortable there.

~~**My healthy, beautiful smile helped raise my self-confidence level and in turn, made me a happier, more self-assured individual.**~~"

:) Angela R.

Turlock, CA

"Visited the office for a routine cleaning and talked about a food trap I had. Dr Parmar took xrays and spent time explaining why there was a trap and what the options were to fix it. I've never had a dentist talk through the options and weigh the choices. (Being an engineer, I loved this!) In the process, what stood out was the doc cared about most - preserving the original tooth, starting with the most conservative option (you can always drill more.. but can't un-drill) and least pain! His numbing spray (not needle) was super. Didn't feel a thing. He also did an after x-ray and showed the difference.  He's a bit of a perfectionist.. but hey, I am not complaining. And a very positive communication style - did not focus on the negatives, but laid down the goodness of flossing!"

Nilofer M.

San Francisco, CA

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