Pain Free Dentistry

Pain Free Dentistry: We Can Help

Are you anxious ABOUT receiving Dental Care?

While most of the Routine Dental Procedures are less complicated, we are aware that many of us are anxious about a dental visit. At Accurate Family Dental, Dr. Parmar, is proud to offer “Virtually Pain Free Dental Care” for patients in the community and the surrounding cities. We pride ourselves on our ability to make each patient as comfortable and relaxed as possible while receiving care.

We provide several options for Pain Free Care:

1] We listen to your concerns and perform a thorough Dental Exam and Gentle Regular Cleaning.  In an easy to understand manner we will provide a thorough explanation of the treatment options and discuss different methods for making you as comfortable as possible. With a relaxing atmosphere and a calming dentist, Dr. Parmar feels that better-informed patients are less anxious and look forward to their Dental Appointments.

2] Gentle Local Anesthetic: For providing Gentle local anesthesia, we use adequate Topical Local Anesthetic Gel, which numbs the spot where the doctor will place the injection. We use Warm Anesthetic Solution and sufficient time during the administration of Anesthesia which reduces most of the discomfort and there by the Anxiety. Anesthetics prevent pain in a specific area of your mouth during treatment and may be used in such procedures as filling cavities, preparing teeth for crowns or treating gum disease.

3] Needle Free Anesthetic: Oraqix, for those patients that would prefer Local anesthetic application during their Hygiene appointments, Oraqix is a needle-free anesthetic agent, which provides patients an option in anesthesia for scaling  or Deep Cleaning procedures. Oraqix may be confined to the gum tissues so the patient doesn’t leave with a total numbing effect. Oraqix is applied with a blunt tip applicator and dispenser. Ask us about this fabulous product- it may be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

4] Soothing Music and Overhead TV: Our patients are able to enjoy relaxing and soothing or watch Television while getting their Dental Care.

5] Get your dental care with Safe Sedation Dentistry! We provide Safe One Pill Sedation treatment for BENEFIT of Patients who have had severe fear & anxiety towards dental care or have difficulty-getting Numb. You can now get all your Dental Treatment completed in one or two comfortable Visits. We encourage you to call us to discuss your Dental Care needs with Sedation Dentistry.

6] PrepLess Veneers/Lumineers and White Tooth Bonding fillings

With advances in cosmetic dentistry, you can now get the smile of your dreams comfortably.

  • No Shots and None to Minimal Drill  for PrepLess Veneers.

  • Less Drilling and Great esthetics with white tooth bonded fillings.

Turlock Dentist Dr. Parmar provides Pain Free Dentistry for In Turlock California and surrounding Denair-Ceres-Hughson-Modesto-Livingston-Sonora-Oakdale and Manteca CA areas.

We invite you to Call us for your appointment or to know more about our services.


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