Clear Aligner

Get a simple fix for Gapped, Crooked, or misaligned teeth.
With an average treatment of 6 months to a new confident smile, you can have the Smile you've Always wanted with Clear Aligners. Clear aligners have established themselves as a reliable method for achieving healthy tooth alignment, making brushing and flossing a breeze. 

At Accurate Family Dental in Turlock, Dr. Parmar offers CLEAR ALIGNER, a specialized solution designed for adults aiming for inconspicuous teeth alignment. This modern approach eliminates the need for traditional clasps, screws, or brackets by utilizing a biocompatible resin splint. This nearly invisible splint can be easily removed and cleaned, ensuring a seamless experience.


Why choose Clear Aligners: Am I a candidate?

Misaligned Teeth, Crowded or Overlapping Teeth or Teeth with Spacing are food and tartar traps that harbor and breed harmful bacteria which can cause tooth decay, gum disease that can damage and shrink the bone holding your teeth. 

* Clear Aligners can comfortably straighten your teeth into a healthy position in an average of 6 months. 

* Aligning your teeth correctly using clear aligners can provide great impact on the long-term health of your gums and teeth. 

According to Dr Parmar, Clear Aligners can make getting straighter teeth and flaunting your confident smile with unnoticeable metal free option easier. Dr Parmar further explains that Clear Aligners will help to correctly your teeth position and also protect your precious tooth enamel from premature wear and fracture. Your oral health is vastly improved as straighter teeth are not only easier to clean, but they also reduce chances of cavities and tartar build up. 

You will “Love your confident smile”


  • Precision Modern Technology
  • Shorter treatment time.
  • Virtually Invisible- No more metal, wires or brackets.
  • Engineered for speaking comfortably, with easy removal and cleaning.

Getting started is as Easy as 1..2..3 !!

Step 1: Get scheduled for your free clear aligner consultation. We will review your options for personalized treatment, costs, and flexible monthly payment options.

Step 2: Images and Impressions of your teeth will be recorded and we begin to develop your custom treatment plan.

Step 3: Collect your customized trays and enjoy your smooth smile transformation.

Bonus: Receive One set of Free retainers and Free teeth whitening gel at the end of the treatment to help you keep your best smile.

Don’t forget: You can use HSA & FSA funds to straighter teeth for you and your family.

Dr Parmar is an expertly trained dental professional. When you come in to our dental office, we will answer all your questions and review your options for personalized treatment, treatment length and costs, and flexible monthly payment plans if preferred. Payment Plans with 0% Financing and "Discount Dental Plan" are available to help you get your confident smile. .

To book your Free Aligner Consultation, Call us today on 209-668-4040 to take the first step forward, to create the beautiful smile you deserve!

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