Clear Aligner

Get a simple fix for Gapped, Crooked, or misaligned teeth.
With an average treatment of 6 months to a new confident smile, you can have the Smile you've Always wanted with Clear Aligners. 

Say goodbye to the era of broken wires and flossing challenges! Clear aligners have established themselves as a reliable method for achieving healthy tooth alignment, making brushing and flossing a breeze.


According to Dr Parmar, Clear Aligners can make getting straighter teeth and flaunting your confident smile with unnoticeable metal free option easier. Dr Parmar further explains that straighter teeth are easier to clean thereby reducing chances of cavities and tartar build up. 

Clear Aligners will correctly position your teeth and protect your precious tooth enamel from wear. When you come in to our dental office, we will answer all your questions and review your options for personalized treatment, treatment length and costs, and flexible monthly payment plans if preferred. Payment Plans with 0% Financing and "Discount Dental Plan" are available to help you get your confident smile. .

To book your Free Aligner Consultation, Call us today on 209-668-4040 to take the first step forward, to create the beautiful smile you deserve!

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